Mizher For Congress

Bernie Sanders: A Glittering Jewel Of Colossal Ignorance

During the 2016 Presidential Campaign only one other candidate ever rivaled Donald Trump for enthusiasm level amongst his supporters and at his events. That was Bernie Sanders. Finally the left had a champion who wasn’t embarrassed to come through the front door and be honest about his far left viewpoints, and hoped for Socialist agenda. And they rallied to him like bees to honey. Especially the young who have no contemporary perspective with a Socialist/Communist/Collectivist nation such as the Soviet Union who my generation will be the last to remember. They are enthralled with the good sounding theory and captivating hope put forward in a philosophy that has no example of success in real life, but appears to have such potential when in the realm of academic discussion and textbooks. Yet their hero, in spite of his advanced age, seems to be just an unfortunate dupe as well. Tricked into thinking these types of policies will work. Yet see in these articles how Bernie praises the government of Venezuela. Contrast that with what has actually happened there. People have lost nearly all freedoms, and economic depression has plunged the place into such depravity that people are literally eating their pets to survive. Liberalism/Leftism/Statism/Socialism/Collectivism hurts people! And that’s why we Constitutionalists will never give up the fight to defeat this poisonous point of view.