Mizher For Congress

Clintons In Legal Trouble

As the Clintons are back in the news for yet another scandalous and sordid chapter in the long list of political mud they have dragged our nation through, this poem from Tarzana Joe that I heard this morning, expressed my feelings pretty well. I am so hopeful that they will get their well deserved legal punishment in sight of all of us. Our nation truly needs the soul cleansing that would bring, since we as a nation have for so long excused them to the detriment and corruption of our collective national moral character.

The Same Old Baloney

You recall our Founding Fathers
Warned that we could fall to faction
But had they known the Clintons
They’d have warned us of distraction

For every dirty enterprise
In which they’re implicated
They’ve side-stepped retribution
Cause they’ve made things complicated

And we have, in search of justice
Hopeful expectations shattered
As they’ve caught us up in questions
That never even mattered

Do you really think a WOMAN
(now don’t you have a nerve)
Can’t make fortunes trading futures
With no lengthy learning curve?

And just like that we’re walking down
A pretty primrose path
The story’s not extortion
No, it’s women’s skills with math

In Benghazi, in our service
An ambassador was lost
Three heroes serving with him
All paid a bitter cost

Before their grieving families
Could even say good bye
The people should have questioned
What happened there and why

Instead the nation’s asking
From D.C to the Presidio
If the horrible attack
Was really triggered by a video

And now the special counsel
May be having some discussions
To see if she’s complicit
Selling “boom boom” to the Russians

Don’t worry, they’ll distract us
They do it every day
With a hint of an admission
Or a phony dossier

But justice will be served
At a place and time, eventual
For perjury, by definition
Cannot be consensual

No, I don’t think her fate
Will be like Madame Defarge’s
But I can see her pleading
To a host of lesser charges

Please visit Tarzana Joe’s site, where you can access a wealth of his wonderfully stinging and accurate poetry.