Mizher For Congress

PragerU vs Google/YouTube

In today’s world Conservatives are often portrayed as the discriminators in this world. When, in fact, usually the opposite is true, and we Conservatives are the discriminated. Please take this case where Dennis Prager and his brilliance are being silenced by the religious zealots of Leftism that own and operate much of Silicon Valley.


And all because he posts such horrible content as this:


It is high time this nation realized the solid grip that Leftism holds on so many avenues of the information we fill our minds and hearts with - (movies, TV, academia, the news business, etc.). And it is high time we Conservatives stood up for ourselves and our point of view and didn’t run away or cower because of the names we are called - (racist, bigot, homophobe, etc.). Stand up and be unashamedly a Constitutional Conservative! #wakeup